the best cue lathe ever built
Chris from Cue Man built his first cue lathe in 1988, and since the Cue Smith™ has become the most used lathed in cue maker’s circles. Now with six lathes built by Cue Man Billiards, we have the perfect one for your needs. Each precision cue lathe is built for you. Cue Smith has become the cue maker’s lathe.
  • micro cue builders pool cue lathe

    Micro Cue Smith III™ Cue Lathe

    This is the original in highly portable lathes. It uses the same high quality parts as the full size Cue Smith, yet it is only 36″ long and weighs less than 40 pounds. You can add a Bed Extension, Wrap Motor, and Joint Work Steady Rest. You can use the Bed Extension out front for […]
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  • pool cue makers lathe

    Micro Cue Smith™ II Pool Cue Lathe

    This pool cue lathe is a modern version of the original in a highly portable version of a cue lathe. Built with the same high quality parts as the Mid-Size Cue Smith™ cue lathe, but it’s only thirty-six inches long and the main lathe weighs less than forty pounds! Learn More at:
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  • pool cue lathe

    Mid Size Cue Smith™

    This lathe is only slightly less portable than the MICRO CUE SMITH and weighs in at about 40 pounds and is only 48 inches long. There are no Bed Extensions to hassle with even when doing house cues. It does Tips, Ferrules, Shaft Reconditioning, Joint Work, House Cues, Wraps and could build a cue with the […]
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  • cue lathe deluxe cue smith

    Deluxe Cue Smith™ Cue Lathe

    For the serious cue maker, the Deluxe Cue Smith we think is the best cue lathe ever made in its weight and price range. It is about a foot wide and and six feet long and weighs a little over 100 pounds. It has the same precision dove tail bed as the other Cue Smith […]
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